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Resin for Art (1kg)

Resin for Art (1kg)

Clear Casting and Art Work Resin
Quantity- 1kg
Resin and hardener mixing ratio-1:1 by volume 
1:09 by weight 
Viscosity - 4.400-4.700 mPa.s
Components- Resin and Hardener 
Pot life - 25-30 minutes 
Temperature- 22 degree Celsius
Heat resistance after curing- up to 45-50 degree Celsius
Thickness ( 1 layer) - upto 5 mm
Curing time - 6-8 hours at room temperature 
Shelf life - unopened 24, opened 12 months 
No vocs- yes
UV protection- yes 
Food safety - yes
Scratch resistant- yes
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