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Kay & Pooh / Kajol & Pooja Vaswani - Meraki Design & Art Studio Resin Dubai

Kay & Pooh

Kay & Pooh — co-founders of Meraki, and SO Obsessed about ART,  interior design, travel but most importantly about STYLE. 

At Meraki, we believe in embracing yourself to be in the moment. We believe in leaving our stresses at the door and unleashing the artist within. And through this experience, expand our horizons and make your souls grow. All of this while having fun. 


With love, soul & creativity

The Studio

We're a Dubai Based multidisciplinary studio with a focus on Resin Art, Interior Design & Gifting. Our approach towards design is to take inspiration from current fashion trends, organic natural textures and patterns, and jewelry design. Consequently, our pieces are remarkably novel, current, and aesthetic.


Apart from our practice, we also hold creative art workshops in Dubai, for Resin art, Fluid art, and Alcohol inks. For these workshops, we have collaborated with the federal youth authority in Dubai, Emirates youth and Autism Centre, and many cafes in Dubai.

Rest assured, when it comes to art, you're in safe hands. So, Relax, Smile, and Pour.

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